Prayers for the need of All People

And so it is with prayer–keep on asking and you will keep on getting; keep on looking and you will keep on finding; knock and the door will be opened. Everyone who asks, receives; all who seek, find; and the door is opened to everyone who knocks.

(Luke 11:9-10|LIVING-

Faithful God, You are our Help in ages past and our hope for years to come; it is from You that all blessings flows and it is unto You that all flesh will come. Lord this morning we have come to You because we are aware that You have the capacity to turn every impossibilities to possible. Look upon us this day in Your Mercy and don’t deal with us in accordance with our sins, forgive us all that is past and grant us repentance through Your holy Spirit.

Many are the affliction of the righteous but our God deliver them of all, we commend before You many that are afflicted in one way or the other, whatever sickness what ever infirmity by the Power in the name of Jesus Christ we declare an end to them all in the name of Jesus Christ.

Dear Lord, there are many here this morning whose desire is to be healed, Lord by Your strive they are healed; as many looking up to You for their life partner, this is their year in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord for all whose desire is to know You more, grant them divine revelation in the name of Jesus Christ; I pray for all who has been denied one thing or the other that is due to them, this morning there shall be restoration in double fold in the name of Jesus Christ!

Lord I speak peace over those who are trouble, I bring consolation and comfort to those who mourn; for those looking up to You for their daily bread, Lord make away for them where there seems to be no way; by Your divine mercy give grace to those who have made Shepard over Your flock; guide our leaders and bless our inheritance in this land of the living.

Thank you blessed God because the confidence we have is that You alone knows our hearts even before we ask and You have heard us; You made us to understand that Prayer of Faith will heal the sick an forgive his sin; accept all that we’ve ask From You this morning and cause every closed doors to be thrown open over our lives, family and nations in the name of Jesus Christ! Thank You for Your victory over Covid-19, thanks You because we know that no man can do this, except the Lord be with him.

As we come to the end of this month, our lips shall be filled with testimonies in the name of Jesus Christ! As this month comes to an end, our lives will not end with it but we will live to see all the months in the year 2020 because it is the year of our Lord! Lord I declare Your blessings upon all who has been following this platform; the hand of the Lord will continue to be strong upon You! You shall have no cause to regret this year in the name of Jesus Christ! Whatever the enemy has stolen from You, this day I declare restoration unto You in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Almighty God we thank You for The School of the Spirit; Lord as we enter this very phase of You second coming (Shout stage) Lord draw all men to Yourself, endure us with sound doctrines and call Your true children out of every walls of denominations so we can hear the Voice of the seventh Angel and get ready for Your coming; blessed be unto Your holy name Jesus Christ our soon coming King! Amen.

Thank You all for being part of us this month of Prayers and intercession; by next month; teachings on this platform will take a new form because just like the sons of issachar, the Lord has granted us the understanding of this present time and by the help of the Holy Spirit, we are to restore the church to biblical and Apostolic Christianity as we get the Bride of Christ ready for His coming! The Lord be with You.


Adie Chidubem Friday is the led Author with The School of the Spirit; a Christian blog with the vision of Reaching the World to Restore the Ancient Landmark of authentic biblical Christianity and to prepare the heart of the elect of God for the second coming of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

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