June Teaching Series

How to Identify spirits (Seductive spirit)

There are alot of spirits at work on earth today, but in all things the Spirit of God takes preeminence. In our world today, confusion is setting in as false prophets and teachers are arising with strange teachings that is powered by a strange spirit. Look at St. Paul’s earlier admonition concerning this;

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

(1 Timothy 4:1-2|KJV-

The spirit of seduction is currently at work in our Churches today, it’s aim is to seduce believers with lies. He has three point agenda to archive in the church just as we have read in 1Tim. 4:1;

1. A departure from the Faith

The Christian faith is the believe in the worship of the only one true God,the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. It is the only possible and right route for the salvation of man which is anchored in the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. The devil understood this point very clear, that is why he is championing a departure from the faith of Jesus Christ which is being pioneer by the Holy Spirit through the Church of Christ.

This is how he seduce people away from the church, he first began to make Christianity to look fake and dubious in the eyes of men, secondly, just as he did to Job, he takes permission from God to afflict men sore so as to take his heart away from the Faith of Christ to seeking help outside God, thirdly, he present Christianity as equals to poverty, putting in the mind of believers that it’s only pastors that can be rich while others are meant to be poor through giving; this he does by presenting them with another religion which promises them wealth and riches only if they can become converts, and so on and so forth. These are the works of the seducing spirit and many has fallen or are falling for it.

2. Embracing the Doctrines of Devils

The devil has many doctrines but let point out few as it’s been used as a means of seduction in the church. The first among others is the manipulation of scriptures. The devil is the prince of this world and for that,he is bringing in the world into the church. He archive this by inspiring philosophies and logics which are inconsistent with the written word of God and call it church civilization and human supremacy. One example of this is in the area of Christian marriage, while the Bible teaches and presented marriage to be between a man and a woman, the devil presented his own to be between a man and a man or a woman and a woman or a man and animals etc. While the Bible presented God as our Father, the devil has presented God to be a mother in piety for feminists to be accommodated. While the Bible teaches us to approach our Holy God in repentance, the devil is saying, that we don’t need that because his death is enough to forgive both past, present and future sin; therefore giving many the license to continue in sin without remorse for their salvation. Now comedians can comfortable use the alter of our God to crack jokes and even make mockery of the pastor’s our God and all we could do is laugh and enjoy. And so on and so forth.

Another area of this doctrines of the devil is in dance and music. The fact is that God and His people have their own system of music, while the devil and the world has theirs. The incorporating of worldy music into the service of God is no longer news among us as we can hear the tune, the lyrics, their style of dancing even in the church of Christ. He has made music to be a means of entertaining the people for their personal enjoyment instead of a means of bringing God down. He has made our instrumentalists, instruments to be used in clubs, and other places where the name of the Lord is not proclaim. He has brought in talent hunt, fashion parade, chorography and their likes among us even in the Church of Christ in guise to promote the culture of praise but all these are alien to the church and the hand work of seductive spirit.

We will continue next week by the grace of God. May the Spirit of Christ keep us firm in the knowledge of true religion.


Adie Chidubem Friday is the led Author with The School of the Spirit; a Christian blog with the vision of Reaching the World to Restore the Ancient Landmark in our generation through prayers and undiluted word of God. He is a hymn writer, quotes writer and a poet. He holds a Bachelor of Law degree (LLb. (Hons)) at the university of Abuja and currently a student of the Nigerian Law School. He is from Anambra state Nigeria.

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