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Life & Death of Thomas Cranmer- English Reformer

Thomas Cranmer lived between 2 July 1486 to 21 March 1556. He pioneer reformation which lead to the separation of the Holy See (Roman Catholic) to what is today known as the English Church (Anglican communion) and in extension to every other Churches today that has severe parts with the Holy See. He was the Archbishop of the Canterbury during the reign of HENRY III, EDWARD VI and MARY I.

He was among those who nullified HENRY’S marriage to Catherine of Aragon which set the pace for the separation of the English Church from the Holy See.

During the reign of EDWARD, Cranmer together with other continental reformers made several reforms among which are; the change in doctrine and discipline in areas of Eucharist, clerical celibacy, removal of images in worship places, and veneration of saints. Cranmer promulgated the new doctrine through the BOOK OF COMMON PRAYERS (BCP), HOMILIES and THE 39 ARTICLES OF FAITH which set the bases for biblical truth in the worship of one true God.

During the reign of MARY I, Cranmer faced trial for opposing the Holy See and for insisting on the biblical truth of the scriptures to prevail in worship places. Below is an image extract of his trial:

The Trial of Cranmer for treason. Credit: theology of the English Reformers

He choose to die heretic of the Roman Catholic church and a martyr for he principles of English Reformation. Cranmer was a hero of faith and has set examples for us all to follow especially in this day of shallow Christianity; it is for men like him that laid down his life for the truth of the gospel that few today still uphold the biblical believe and doctrines of Christ. He challenged the government of his time and denied the doctrines of the Holy See just to maintain his Stand for Christ and His Church. His reformation led to the separation of Anglican Communion from the Holy see; thus established a biblical church which prospers in scriptural teachings and doctrines.

Prayers: Everlasting God and Father, thank you for your faithful servant, Thomas Cranmer of England, thank you for the boldness you gave unto him to speak the truth even unto the hour of this death. Today been 21st of March marked all over the world to remember his steadfastness and faithfulness unto the course of our divine heritage; cause we who are still alive to fight the good fight of faith and to boldly speak the truth and renounce evil. We commend before your Christian faithful all over the world and it’s our prayers that the Spirit of truth and sound doctrines shall find expression among us. Grant your faithful servant eternal rest for the grace and peace in Christ Jesus; help us to be partakers of your eternal joy. Amen

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