Welcome to the Second Decade of the 21st Century (Prayers)

By the grace of God, I welcome you all to the year 2020 it is a decade of the 21st century. Many who started this journey with us today are no more but here we are standing strong and breathing, it is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our sight.

O God enthroned in heaven, I lift my eyes to you. We look to Jehovah our God for his mercy and kindness just as a servant keeps his eyes upon his master or a slave girl watches her mistress for the slightest signal. Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy. For we have had our fill of contempt and of the scoffing of the rich and proud. (Psalms 123:1-3|LIVING-

This same God has been our helper in the ages past and our hope for years to come so in this year 2020, don’t take your gaze off Him, he has determined to show us His mercy and protection and He won’t go back on His word. Put your trust and faith in Him to supply the grace to overcome in this year; in 2020, lean not on your own understanding but in everything acknowledge the Lord for He is good and His mercy is everlasting.

Almighty and faithful God, it is in you we move and have our being, from where else do we go in 2020? Is it not you that has the well of the living water? Is it not you that helps one and harm another? Blessed redeemer we look up to you in this year to supply the grace to start strong and finish strong, we look up to you to go ahead of us and make every crocked way straight, bless the works of our hands and fix our eyes steady on you.

Almighty God you have our helper in the ages past and our hope for years to come, we thank you for thus far you have brought us as individuals, families, church and nation, of a truth, if not for the Lord who has been on our side; the host of darkness would have swallowed us but Jehovah nisi is your name, our fortress and defender, a very present help in the times of trouble. Thank you faithful Jesus Christ for sparing us to see this first decade of the 21st century, left for the devil alone we would have been long forgotten beneath the grave but it has pleased You to spare our lives just for the Plans You have for us.

Lord we commend before you our lives in the year 2020, Lord continue to supply the grace to live and the grace to die, that in living we will live for you and in dying we will die for your sake. Lord we declare in one voice this year that wherever we find ourselves, your goodness and mercy will follow us, cause us to bring peace where there is anxiety, love where there is brokenness, gladness where there is sorrow; make us worthy servants both unto you and those around us that in love we will serve one another.

We say no to every diseases and sickness of this year, we say no to untimely death and dying unprepared, we refuse to be victim of evil circumstances, we say no to shame and reproach, we refuse to be stagnant; in this year 2020 and beyond, we are for signs and wonders, people will see us and encounter Jesus, people will help us and receive favour, people will welcome us and welcome angels; to the Glory and Honour of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit we lunch out for greatness for it is our year of unstoppable and undiluted favour.

Thank you faithful God for we pray in Jesus Christ victorious name Amen.


Adie Chidubem Friday is the led Author with The School of the Spirit; a Christian blog with the vision of Reaching the World to Restore the Ancient Landmark in our generation through prayers and undiluted word of God. He is a hymn writer, quotes writer and a poet. He holds a Bachelor of Law degree (LLb. (Hons)) at the university of Abuja and currently a student of the Nigerian Law School. He is from Anambra state Nigeria.

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