Prayers: For Children, Orphans and the Aged

Anglican Hymnal A&M Revised 432

  1. Once in royal David’s city
    stood a lowly cattle shed,
    where a mother laid her baby
    in a manger for his bed:
    Mary was that mother mild,
    Jesus Christ her little child.
  2. He came down to earth from heaven,
    who is God and Lord of all,
    and his shelter was a stable,
    and his cradle was a stall;
    with the poor and mean and lowly,
    lived on earth our Saviours holy.
  3. And, through all his wondrous childhood,
    he would honour and obey,
    love and watch the lowly maiden
    in whose gentle arms he lay:
    Christian children all must be
    mild, obedient, good as he.
  4. For he is our childhood’s pattern,
    day by day like us he grew;
    he was little, weak and helpless,
    tears and smiles like us he knew.
    and he feeleth for our sadness,
    and he shareth in our gladness.
  5. And our eyes at last shall see him,
    through his own redeeming love;
    for that Child so dear and gentle
    is our Lord in heaven above;
    and he leads his children on
    to the place where he is gone.
  6. Not in that poor lowly stable,
    with the oxen standing round,
    we shall see him; but in heaven,
    set at God’s right hand on high;
    when like stars his children crowned,
    all in white shall wait around.

Blessed Jesus, thank you for yet another opportunity in your presence to bring before you the needs of others, we thank you because you are indeed faithful even in our unfaithfulness. Thank you because even when we were long gone in our own ways of rebellion, you sort us in your love, picked up our piece, put us together and reintroduce is to your love. Have mercy upon us in every way we have sin against you, wash us and makes us clean to offer reasonable and sacrifice in Thanksgiving through Jesus Christ our Redeemer. Amen

God of all grace, we commend before you this morning, children of all walks of life; one thing we ask for their sake is your protection from the perils of this life; Just as our Lord Jesus Christ was kept safe when Herold wanted to kill him we ask that you keep this ones in the hollows of your hands,

As they grow up, cause that they increase in wisdom, in stature, in favour with men and in favour with God. Bless their parents and guardians and fill them with everything good for the up bring of this children that through them, they will learn obedience and fear of the Lord.

King of Glory we pray and commend all Orphans into your care, merciful God you are the father to the fatherless and mother to the motherless, we pray you oh God to visit these ones with your tender love and grant them the comfort of this life and the comfort of your everlasting kingdom.

We pray for the aged, merciful God, cause their eyes to behold your glory, fill them with joy uncountable, granted them their portion in the land of the living that they will reap the fruits of their labours. Strength them in health and bless them with the wisdom from above so that through them we that are young will learn your ways and follow a life pattern example. Grant them rest in your glory through the merit of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Author : Chidiwhite

Adie Chidubem A.K.A Chidiwhite is a writer and a preacher of the gospel of Christ Jesus, passionate to see the manifestation of God's promises in the lives of men and territories of the nations. The School of the Spirit is one of his medium of communicating this vision until we all attain to the fulness of God's glory through His son Jesus Christ.

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