Good morning to you beloved, it’s another exciting week.
Thank God you made it to this week, it’s just by His grace so let no man take glory to himself, for all glory must be to our God.
I strongly believe that today’s topic will impact greatly into your life. .
Today, I will be focusing on discovering who you are,
The amazing thing that can happen in a man’s life is the realisation of of who he is, once you wake up to understand your position in life as a king, you won’t settle for less. You should be in charge of activities in your environs, in your school, you are meant to stand out with academic excellent. The reason why people look down on you whenever you stand to speak is probably because you have failed to position yourself as a king.
As a king you must learn how to comport yourself in every affairs of your life
Your dressing at all time should symbolise kingship, don’t just just say ‘they are just my clicks’ dress to distinguish yourself
Learn to control your eating habit even when you are hungry to the core, learn to eat like king and not eating or chewing along the way
Until you discover that you are born to rule, you will never matter in your generation
You must dare to win to save the oppress, in our world today, people are living with several challenges. The affluence has taken advantage of the poor, people has in one way or the other been denied of their inherent rights, so many of them has no where to go, these are people we come across in our everyday life.
We can stand in-between the gap as a voice to the voiceless we can be their hands and feet in issues that matters to them, you can only attend this only when you have distinguished yourself, to challenge injustices, standing for the truth without fear or favour.
Finally, you should understand the reason why you are sent into the world, you are not just born to live big but to use your position as a platform to reach out to the un reached, going beyond religion to see the world been changed.

Write a letter today and reach out to the oppressed world, click the below link.!7O9EO3AMcuOCqI8CAAABV1IAAABvKgFP40SHkW9gftphbvMCtNNhV_XDeagD3np-wC0SBAFy1Ng63puT685vDsfEJ4l1CHVwsXyUSVqnQrxN7kSJ4D6mS7i9BbXUHbcmApBXflv0i0QkH0uT7WTGJ9RAd-pY5CuadSNJgozceYh7EHLaPrF-2pNb3YdqR_cFHoSzpBCDxCfl3cv83C3en32Z03gix2uM_eQQnen3QQ2wqW9EZQNGyyonjTzTxahQxrabzMRVwd8xzyLtXLU9bTbAUHnj8cNxoGFIWCDire8vAVJbfXdRVyXaR1fRI_FK2HX4wiup5QrqpBbUE6Bv3vu2tDOf7yRz0pzZvU-WS2CQlDNKs5dt_UKtxmzAwFgTCw_jEthVvRVQKp6SmRso3R5feHBAeU6ntjsVnaiVml8gyIPeWJnpHsaar5D0kCwUgYYnLpk6UviJJFki2ERXy3NKeYEpoYo&adurl=

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Adie Chidubem Friday is the led Author with The School of the Spirit; a Christian blog with the vision of Reaching the World to Restore the Ancient Landmark of authentic biblical Christianity and to prepare the heart of the elect of God for the second coming of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

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